Senin, 30 Mei 2016

Favorite Body Lotion and Body Cream Victoria Secret

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Sale is a big weakness for me.. I just cant deny it...
when it comes about Victoria Secret I just going crazy about this...

I love sweet flowery scent and little bit kinda fruity..
so this is my chooise
Mango Temptation Lotion and Total atraction Body Cream..
love this and I want to buy all of them :)

Review The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

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akhirnya setelah lama mencari dan mencari tentang facial wash yg bagus, coba macem-macem yang cocok buat kulit berminyak dan berjerawat, akhirnya sampailah pilihankupada range tea tree dari teh body shop ini yang konon bagus buat kulit berminyak dan mudah berjerawat..

Sensasinya enak benget di wajah dan baunya juga like mints mints gt, minyak di wajah keangkat semua, awalnya sih rasanya kayak kering tp setelah seminggu pake ga terasa kering di wajah. Jerawat lumayan berkurang dan jadi cepet kering juga. recomend banget buat yg wajah mudah berjerwat dan berminyak seperti saya.

hranya murah sekitar 109-129K
worth to try
ga bikin break out
jerawat cepet kering
aroma dan sensasinya enak

sedikit kering di wajah

Rabu, 25 Mei 2016

Review Clinique 7 Days Scrub Cream

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ohh heyyy fellasssss!!! It's been a very very long time since I'd never post a thing on my blog....
It's simply because I have my very first job as goverment and I had to focus for my work,
and secondly because I had no acsess to my blog!! yeayy
and because I just have my new life as a very nice wife...hahhhaaa...
true.... because I have to cocking something nice for my hubby..heee

soooo back to my post....

It's bout Skincare from Clinique...

I will give you my honest review here. I do love how its feels after I scrub my face with this Clinique 7 Days Scurb, I just feel my face smooth just after scrubing my face but you can't scrub your face everyday even when It's written in the bottle, because my face get red and break me out .
So maybe you can do that once a week max.. It's good to exoliate my dead skin especially in my nose area,

the scrubs like cream but with a soft scrub, you know.,
I kind of dont like the smells, not a perfumery smell you used to smell in the skincre..
when I scrub my face it's feel like oily cream, but I love the warm sensation after scrubing,.

ps: don't scrub your face with a very extreme power

after all, it's not worth the price, for 390K and you got nothing
not just that, when I do too often srubing, my face gettin red and break out.

never purchase again
maybe I will try another face scrub

with love,



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